Automated FOREX EURUSD trading signal 28.02.2014


Signal from 28.02.2014:

Position Price StopLoss TakeProfit
long 1.3700 1.3670 1.3760

FOREX events from 28.02.2014:
Date/Time Event Expected
10:00 European Monetary Union - Consumer Price Index - Core (YoY) (Feb)
10:00 European Monetary Union - Consumer Price Index (YoY) (Feb) 0.7%
13:30 United States - Core Personal Consumption Expenditures (QoQ) (Q4) 1.1%
13:30 United States - Gross Domestic Product Annualized (Q4) 2.5%
13:30 United States - Personal Consumption Expenditures Prices (QoQ) (Q4) 0.7%


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